Cristian Turdera's Biography

Cristian was born in Buenos Aires, Argentine, in 1973. He is both illustrator and graphic designer, having illustrated books, stickers, puzzles, posters, TV ads, animations, magazines, newspapers, etc. He has over thirty illustrated children books published in Argentina, USA, Mexico, France, Belgium, Spain, etc. Namely "Canción decidida" written by David Wapner (Pequeño Editor, Argentina), "La Reina Mab, el hada de las pesadillas" with William Shakespeare texts adapted by Ruth Kaufman (Pequeño Editor, Argentina), "Bobos" and L'abecédaire des super-héros" written by Agnès de Lestrade (Éditions Milan, France), "La máquina de imaginar cosas", written by Marcelo Simonetti (Random House-Beascoa). He has also participataed in several collective and single exhibitions

Most important clients

Ogilvy & Maher Toronto - Leopold Ketel & Partners - Young & Rubicam- 3x3 magazine - Euroman Denmark- Plansponsor NY – Wired - Inc Magazine - Idea Magazine - Nast Portfolio magazine - Santa Fe Reporter – LG – Volkswagen – Nike - BBDO agency - Oregon Human Society – MoviStar – Temaiken - Milan Editions - Tobbogan magazine - Gallison Mudpuppy – Cepsa - Bancaixa - Editorial Océano - Die Gestalten - Fox channel - Djecó France.

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