"The Big Chief" arrived in Latin America

The Big Chief (text: Carlos Nogueira; illustrations: David Pintor) has just been published in Latin America. Illustopia sold its Spanish and Portuguese foreign rights, being still available many other idioms' rights...

Two represented artists selected by 3x3 illustration directory

João Vaz de Carvalho's and Daniel Bueno's illustrations selected to be included in 3x3 illustration directory, whimsical category.

Nadav in Latin America book stores

Illustopia sold Spanish and Portuguese foreign rights of Nadav (text: Adélia Carvalho; illustrations: Cátia Vidinhas), which has just been published in Latin America. Rights still available in many other idioms...

Edit Sliacka illustrates for geeky kids

Another two titles for geeky kids, illustrated by Edit Sliacka, published in New Zealand: Nerdy Numbers and Sci-fi Shapes. To by online follow this link.

Maria Neradova illustrates for italian children

Maria Neradova keeps illustrating for italian children. A winter illustration recently published.

Lukas Hudec illustrated a manual for dyslexic children

A manual on mathematics skills for dyslexic children, written by Rafael Silva Pereira and Inês Salgado Rodrigues, has just been illustrated by Lukas Hudec.  

Mariana Rio's exhibition in Porto

The illustrations and stamps developed by Mariana Rio for the title "O Quebra-Cabeças" in exhibition in UPTEC-PINC, from the 20th September to the 26th October 2013. 

Zuzana Bockayova illustrated a new title for Brazil

"The Shy Boy" a funny and sensitive story written by Fabrício Carpinejar and beautifully illustrated by Zuzana Bockayova, recently published by Mercuryo in Brazil.

Roberto Weigand illustrates for OUP

Roberto Weigand illustrates a cover for the Anthologies series of Oxford University Press.

Meet us at Bologna Book Fair 2013

Illustopia will be visiting Bologna Book Fair from the 25th to the 28th March 2013. We will be happy to share our artists' portfolios and latest book projects. Wishing to meet, please just send us an email.

A board book series illustrated by five artists

The illustopia artists Agustin Comotto, Anita Morra, Edit Sliacka, Leicia Gotlibowski and Luciana Fernandez have recently been working in this series, targeted to the little ones, to be published soon in Brazil. 

Aesope's Fables illustrated by Eugenia Nobati

Aesope's fables were recently illustrated by Eugenia Nobati to be published soon in Brazil. 

Regina Pin-up recovered by Felix Reiners

The portuguese chocolate brand Regina decided to recover one of its original advertisements, a Pin-Up hand drawn around the 30's, for its Christmas 2012 campaign. This project was coordinated by TBWA Lisbon and Felix Reiners has brought the original Pin-up into digital.  

Meet us at Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

Illustopia will be visiting Frankfurt Book Fair from the 10th to the 13th October 2012. We will be happy to share our artists' portfolios and latest book projects. Wishing to meet, please just send us an email.

Leonor Tenreiro and Eugenia Nobati present their new title

Leonor Tenreiro presents her new children story “The girl who enjoyed the end of the parties”, illustrated by Eugenia Nobati, in e-Fabulations, the e-journal of children literature. This title rights remain available in many idioms, interested publishers are welcome to contact Illustopia.

Cristian Turdera illustrates a board book to be published soon in US

Just to give a glance of the cool Cristian Turdera’s illustrations for a board book, targeted to geeky children, that will be shortly released in US. More news to come up soon…

Miguel Tanco shows recent work in e-Fabulations gallery

The e-journal of children literature e-Fabulations has published Miguel Tanco’s recent work, entitled “Birds”, in its gallery section. The twenty illustrations presented correspond to a study that the artist developed on birds drawing.

Illustopia moves to a Creative Industries Center

Since June 2012, Ilustopia moved to UPTEC Creative Industries Center, integrated in the technology park of Oporto’s University. This center, located in Oporto downtown close to Oporto Arts District, counts with other creative companies such as the Público newspaper, the news agency Lusa, and many others.

David Pintor's show at Papa Livros

David Pintor’s single show opening took place in April 2012 at Papa Livros, a Portuguese book store in Oporto’s charming arts district. The artist presented some recent illustrations, namely from the title “Almanaque Musical”, published by Kalandraka, which has recently won the second Illustration Award in Abu Dhabi Book Fair. The exhibition was followed by a long autograph session.

Maria Neradova illustrates for Italian children

A Mondadori group children magazine, Italy based, contracted Maria Neradova to illustrate its “Trova” section, which is a funny activity for children to find tiny details in a dense delightful illustration with Maria’s Neradova unique style and colours.

McGraw Hill pre-school book with Edit Sliacka's illustrations

The US publisher McGraw Hill will publish very shortly a pre-school book with one chapter illustrated by Edit Sliacka. The scene takes place in a zoo with cute animals and many other adorable characters…

“Little Women” illustrated by Sonja Danowski

Sonja Danowski has illustrated brilliantly the cover of the famous Louisa May Alcott’s novel “Little Women”. The hiper realistic illustration of Sonja Danowski brought a new life to the four sisters. The book has been published in November 2011 by Oficina do Livro, a Portuguese publisher from Leya group. 

Geeky illustrations by Edit Sliacka

Edit Sliacka illustrated “My Little Geek” a board book launched in September 2011 by Plethora, a recent publisher from New Zealand. “My Little Geek” is an ABC book for geeky babies conceived with a humoristic tone, in both text and illustrations.

"My First CD" collection at Fnac

Edit Sliacka illustrated fifteen CDs for a classical music collection called "My First CD of...", targeted to children. This project was the result of a partnership between CNM, Naxos and Fnac Portugal. From November 2010, these CDs started being sold exclusively in Fnac stores.

Greatest Composers' book collection in Spain & Portugal

Zuzana Bockayova, Lukas Hudec and Edit Sliacka illustrated a collection of 8 children's books about Greatest Composers, Music Styles and Instruments (namely Verdi, Chopin, Strauss, Schubert, Grieg, Dvorak, Stravinsky and Instruments). The books have already been sold in Spain and Portugal.

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